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“These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” Sayonara ’08!!!

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I love reading through the different end of the year, best-of lists for music, movies, news stories etc… So I thought I would piss away some time and make some lists of my own as 2008 comes to an end.

Lets start with the tunes. Looking back, I don’t feel like I really listened to a lot of new music released in 2008. I used to pore over all the monthly music mags, trying to keep up with all the new bands and and all the hot new music being released. I don’t know what’s happened over the last couple years though. Too busy? Not interested? Too much work? Who the fuck knows. Anyway, here are some of my favorite releases from 2008.

10. Juno: Music From the Motion Picture. “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar could possibly be our wedding song when Jessica and I get married.

09. Sea Wolf: Leaves In The River. This didn’t leave the CD player in my truck for weeks earlier this year.

08. Land of Talk: Some Are Lakes. Never heard of these guys until Alex and I saw them open for Broken Social Scene in Pompano Beach. They were killer. Still absorbing this one.

07. R.E.M.: Accelerate.  Never a huge R.E.M. fan, but this is good shit.

06. The Walkmen: You & Me. (Thanks John!)

05. Deerhunter: Microcastle. Don’t have much to say here. I just really like it and listen to it a lot.

04. Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid. Such a grossly underrated band. They just keep getting better and better. A beautiful recording.

03. Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes. I resisted this one for a long time because they seemed like the flavor of the month. I stand corrected. It’s fantastic.

02. TV On the Radio: Dear Science. Can’t stop listening to “Love Dog.”

01. Radiohead: In Rainbows. Technically released in late 2007 digitally, but I listened to it mostly in 2008, and am still enjoying it quite a bit. Saw the first show of their North American tour with John and Judyta earlier this year. A little rusty as they worked through some of the new material, but a fucking amazing show none the less. One of my favorite bands of all time.

Just like my new music experience in 2008, I didn’t see a lot of new movies. I saw a lot of older ones at home, but didn’t see a lot on the big screen. However, there were a few I did see and enjoyed very much. In no particular order, these are the movies that were most memorable (that I can remember seeing) to me in 2008.

• Slumdog Millionaire

• The Dark Knight

• Tropic Thunder

• Iron Man

Like I said, not much. Maybe I’m forgetting something I saw and it will come back to me. However, I am looking forward to seeing these 2008 releases as soon as possible:

Gran Torino, The Wrestler, Rachel Getting Married, Doubt, W, Quantum of Solace, Defiance, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Religuious, The Reader, Let the Right One In, Role Models, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Visitor and Milk.

Shit, I guess I didn’t really get out too much this year. I have a lot of catching up to do. Almost forgot, Step Brothers cracked me up!!! I was in tears when I saw it for the first time. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

I would normally list my favorite photo books of the year, but I didn’t buy too many this year. I’m seeing a pattern here. Must be the poor economy and my lack of money to have fun with. Anyway, I did buy a couple traditional photo books that I really like:

Findings: by Hiroshi Watanabe

Stuff I Gotta Remember Not to Forget: by Darin Mickey

And some independent, self-published work too.

One: by Romain Blanquart

38: by Kevin Miyazaki

Superficial Snapshots Zine 2: An Issue With Lomos: by Allison V. Smith

Rank Strangers: by Susana Raab

I also purchased this print by Andrew Hetherington and this print by Beth Dowat 20×200.

More important than the music, photography and the movies is the fact that some very cool things happened in my life this year. I started this blog. Sold some prints (the print sale is still up and running here with a possible second sale with different images in the future). I finally got up and running, getting one step closer to going out on my own.

Overall it’s been a great year. I hope next year is even better and that it brings happiness, love, adventure and success to all of you. Happy New Year!!!


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